Thursday, January 27, 2011

All for the baby

I have tried blogging before and it didn't work. So I am shutting that one down.

That's right folks, I am a quitter.

Not :)

I am jealous of those people who blog and blog and have like 100 new posts every day. To them I ask, "Where or where do you get the time?" I have a whole 30-90 minutes every day free to use the internet, and I got to admit, blogging just isn't a prioity. At least it wasn't. I have been sucked in by reading others blogs or updates on children.

Then I get attacked by guilt for not having anything to record E's new developments. I mean, I am her mother right? (that is a whole other post you will see later) Why can't I get her scrapbook or baby book done? Aggh! A friend of mine is even doing a 365 love letters to her daughter this year, where she takes a picture and writes a cute note on it for her daughter to enjoy later. I mean where did my craftiness gene go?

I feel left out of the crafts :(

Well my new goal is to keep this updated, not for my sake or for yours, but for E's. Who by the way just pooped in her pants as I wrote this. Great! Diaper Change distraction already! Whoo Hoo!

Anyway I love you baby girl! And I hope that you appreciate this and enjoy later :)


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