Thursday, July 19, 2012

Computer Savvy

E loves to be playing apps.  I generally let her use it if we are in the car, at at church, or at an appointment.  But occasionally I come into a room and find this:
Yes she knows how to turn on and off and navagate (mostly) around the Kindle and Ipod

In fact she now thinks that the blue Ipod is Daddy's and the orange Ipod is hers.  When did my Ipod become hers???

She loves snuggling with daddy in the evenings 

She also likes to play or pretend to play on the laptop.  She really only can use that with help.

My sassy pants girl with her computer, snacks, and drink...

 And don't forget, she loves watching Finding Nemo, Dinosaur Train, and Hercules :) I love her expressions
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