Thursday, July 5, 2012

The after effects.

Last night we kept E up to watch the firework show that not far from our house.  We left the house at 8:30 and set up our lawn chairs to wait.  E kept herself busy in the bushes and her stroller until the show finally started at 10.  (Some people were parking and finding a spot around 6....crazy) anyway, I was a little nervous because she has only been around fireworks twice, 2 months old--they scared her completely we had to leave-- and 1 year old, last 4th of July--she was scared in the beginning, but enjoyed them at the end.

Well the show started and I picked her up in my lap and she just stared and said "wow" "beautiful" "look" "look" over and over. She also liked to try to tell me the colors she was seeing.  She knows the names of colors but rarely gets them right. ;)

 Anytime the show paused she said "all done", but then it would start again and she was just amazed.  She loved it so much.  It really was a good show and lasted about 20 minutes.  The whole way home she kept talking about it too, it was really cute.

Then because it was so late, we changed her diaper and put her to bed.  I thought she would sleep really late....but was woken up to her screaming at 5.  I went to check on her and her diaper was half off and her bed was soaked.  Poor thing.  I am glad I went in to check on her and not just let her cry back to sleep.  So I changed her, her bed, and her diaper.  I told her that when she wakes up she just needs to tell me what she needs and not scream. So she said "Milk cup please" How could I refuse that?  I let her get a small drink and laid her back in bed.

Now it is almost 10 and she is still asleep, and I have homemade Kolaches to eat.  I think today will be a good day.

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  1. aww...I would have loved to watch her during the firework show!!!