Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, I know this is pretty much the same picture from last post, but I didn't take pictures on Thanksgiving, and she was too cute to not post it twice. Get over it.

Anyway, this year for Thanksgiving, we had some awesome friends that invited us to their son's country club Thanksgiving dinner in Hereford.  I was super excited for the invite, because we couldn't travel with me being 37 weeks pregnant. And lets face it, I didnt want to cook Thanksgiving dinner beign 37 weeks pregnant either.
In fact, the night before Thanksgiving, I almost went to the Hospital thinking I was in labor.  Thankfully (and unthankfully...) the labor pains went away after about an hour or so.
Anyway, so we decided to spend more time with our friends and ride with them to Hereford (about an hour away).  E was excited to get in their SUV, or Jeep as she calls it.  She did a really good job driving there.  The food at the country club was very good (and even better because I didn't have to cook, clean, or pay for it :)  One of the other little girls there got a Shirly Temple and E started to beg for one.  Since it was a special occasion I let her get one and she LOVED it!  She didn't eat much until dessert.  And then she ate some of everything that D and I got, plus one of her own.  I must say the coconut cream pie was so good!!  The only downside to this dinner was I couldn't take any home with me. :(
On the way home we stopped at our friends son's house for a few minutes and E found a play kitchen there that was too much fun to play with.  When it was time to load up in the car, she started throwing a gigantic fit...Not to mention it was like 3 pm and she hadn't had her nap yet.  So we drag her out to the car screaming hysterically.  We start driving back to Amarillo and she doesn't stop.  I try giving her the Ipod, Kindle, and putting a movie in the car dvd player.  Nothing got her quiet.  I think she was going to get quiet one time, but then she saw a bug in the car and that set her off again.  (Have I told you about her bug and hair phoebia?? She screams bloody murder whenever she sees any bug, hair, or something that resembles either one...I'm going crazy!!!)  We finally get the bug out of the car, but she sees dust specks in front of her and thought they were a bunch of little bugs.  Yeah. She was a mess.  I felt so bad for our friends.  I even climbed into the backseat to sit next to her and comfort her, to no avail.  She finally told me, "I want my bed".  I thought oh sweetheart, I wish we were home so you could have your bed.  I am not sure if she wanted it so she could take a nap, or because that is where she goes to calm down when she starts crying.  She finally calmed down about 15 minutes before we got to our car and fell asleep 5 minutes before getting to our car. Of course as soon as I pulled her out of her carseat she woke up, then we had to drive home and she didn't want to go to bed then.  But after another screaming fit, she fell asleep. 
Now, I was craving coconut cream pie because the one I had earlier was just that good.  So I run to Walmart and all they had was a Marie Callendars and it was frozen.  So I bought it, but couldn't eat it till the next day. I really need to learn how to make one.
Overall it was a good Thanksgiving, I am grateful for such great friends that invited us out to dinner with them.  Even though we weren't around our family for the first time this year, it was still a great day.  And I can't wait for this baby to come!!!
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  1. :( poor Elizabeth. Poor you and your friends. That is a sad story. Make me some of your pie.